Bitaki Taari (direct translation means “pass or changed” “sea”) is an 8m wooden trimaran built in the Kiribati Islands.  The story is that she was designed by a Norwegian architect as a fishing boat for the islanders. Apparently bought and brought back to Australia by a doctor she was purchased and renovated by a WBAC member from whom I bought her.

The main hull (aka) is very narrow, just under a 1m, with the two outriggers (ama) on supports about 2m long either side. The cross beams and mast supports are lashed to the boat and ama, which means that at present it takes a long time and more than 1 person to rig her. Too long for a day sail.

As well as renovating, we are intending to alter the system of connecting the ama to make the supports fold back with the ama connected, to simplify and strengthen the mast stepping and rigging systems while retaining the look and feel of the boat with it’s lashed connections.  The intent is to have the ama folded when launched and unfold when on the water. The reverse when putting back on the trailer.

Work has begun on designing the folding ama system, identifying and renewing broken and rotted wood areas and checking the rigging. Lots to do and fun in doing it

Watch this space for updates as work progresses!!

Bitaki Taari at Barabadeen_edited.jpg